Avoiding Linear Bearing Failure

Check out this series of white papers on avoiding linear bearing failure.

When linear bearing systems fail prematurely, the reason almost always involves an overlooked application error. These errors fall into just five different categories:

  • Misalignment of the bearing rails and moving elements.
  • Inadequate lubrication of the bearing’s unsealed components.
  • Contamination of the bearing rails and raceways.
  • Crash on start-up.
  • Excess speed and acceleration.

Left unchecked, these five errors can reduce the life of a bearing by 50 percent or more. Rollon, however, has now made it easier than ever to avoid the application mistakes that threaten bearing life.

Our technical service team has published a new series of technical articles explaining the five causes of bearing failure in detail and offering advice on how to steer clear of them. Download papers here.

White Papers for Download

Reducing Linear Bearing Wear

Contamination and poor lubrication can shorten the life of linear bearings. Click image to download and learn how to avoid both problems.


Understanding Linear Bearing Speed & Acceleration

Engineers focused on fast, light automation systems may be paying too much attention to speed specs when acceleration is what really counts. Click image to download.

Crash-Free Linear Motion

One of the greatest threats to the long life of a linear motion system usually occurs on its very first stroke. Click image to download.


Managing Misalignment in Linear Motion Systems

Of all the factors that contribute to the premature failure of linear bearings, misalignment ranks near the top of the list. Click image to download and learn how to cope without breaking the bank.


Click on image to download the entire series in one PDF file (7mb).



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